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Merry Christmas

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XPW brought in the holidays with a bloody Christmas at the Derby Room in Pomona, CA this past December.

A triple-threat kicked off the night with, Brawlin' Bo Cooper, Terex, and Judge Joe Dredd. Chair shots, light tubes, and a fork were amongst other flying objects leading up to Brawlin' Bo Cooper's win.

Juventud Guerrera gave a Willie Mack a Juicy Christmas gift, by getting him disqualified for an accidental spot where the ref saw him with a chair, knowing that wasn't allowed. A rematch will be served at 'We Are Not Your Kind' January 21 in New Jersey.

An XPW legendary three-way against Vinnie Massaro, Damien 666, and  Psychosis went underway as the trio battled it out that led to a win by Psychosis.


Matt Cross and Bestia 666 gave the fans a fun traditional wrestling moves with high spots, stunners, dropkicks, and Bestia going through a door. Matt Cross came out as the winner in this match.

Kat Martini remains champion after a double ball kick on Biggie Biggs.

MAGA Butcher, (FKA: Necro Butcher) accompanied by Jasmine St. Claire, Danny Ramirez, and Hardcore Hillbilly faced off against The Body in a death match. The Body was basically a ragdoll for Butcher and his crew that resulted in MAGA Butcher the winner in this match.

KOTD Champ, Shlak went one-on-one with Ciclope for the belt in an intense death match. Total madness, tons of blood, and crazy ways to use a plastic bag along other weapons led to Shlak retaining his title as XPW's King of the Death Match Champion.

Taya Valkyrie defended her XPW Women's Champion title in a three-way elimination match against LuDark Shaitan and Lindsay Snow. Snow took some pretty big hits with bundles of light tubes thrown at her, a gusset plate to the head. She regained some momentum when she attacked Shaitan with tattoo needles, stabbing them into her head. It wasn't enough before Shaitan got payback and eliminated Lindsay Snow, leaving her with Taya to finish out the match. Taya had the upper hand in the beginning, hitting LuDark with a gusset plate in the head, spilling out into the crowd with chair shots, and some brawling. LuDark powerbombed Taya into a door bridge that Valkyrie set up. Taya got out of the pin once she went through the doors, which pissed off Shaitan, resulting in a Bow and Arrow submission, making Taya Valkyrie tap out and putting the title on the new XPW Women's Champion, LuDark Shaitan.

In the main event, XPW Heavyweight Champion, Masada defeated his title against Drake Younger. They started with some traditional wrestling, and slowly built up the match until it turned into a nail biting death match that had the fans on the edge of their seats. Back and fourth, the two men obliterated each other, going through a door bridge, a glass bridge, Vertebreakers, and the dose of light tubes and skewers. Masada escaped every attempt Drake had to take the title from the champion, but it wasn't that easy as Masada remains the XPW Heavyweight champ.

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