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Halloween in Hell III

Saturday October 22, XPW returned to the Derby Room in Pomona, CA bringing fans Halloween in Hell III. 

Rob Black opened the show, coming out to Vince McMahon's theme song, No Chance in Hell, telling fans that he is indeed the ultimate villain in wrestling. 

LuDark Shaitan and Mickie Knuckles opened the show with a women's deathmatch. The women drank out of penises, dragged each other through broken glass, tables, and a hatchet to the lady bits. LuDark pinned Knuckles, taking the win.

In the second match, XPW fans were introduced to Hello Hardbody, telling the crowd to use his proper pronouns, but was interrupted by Drake Younger. From light tubes, to Hardbody putting Drake through a sheet of glass, and Younger sticking a syringe through Hardbody's cheek, Drake took the win with a pin. 

Dirty Ron McDonald and Pagano entered the third match in a Playground Death Match. The clowns go at it, Pagano powerslamming Dirty Ron in tacks, but Ron taking the win with a flaming elbow off the top rope.

The Six Man Extreme Elimination match for the XPW Fite TV Title introduced a new contender every three minutes, starting with Willie Mack and Judge Joe Dred. The two bout it out until Dred takes a breather, as Human Tornado makes his way to the ring. Tornado doesn't waste time going toe to toe with Mack.  Brawlin' Bo Cooper comes out, accompanied by High Pitch Will next. Willie Mack hits Human Tornado hard enough, he goes over the top rope. Big E. Biggs comes to the ring as the fifth wrestler. Dred and Cooper soon follow Human Tornado, being eliminated. Mack gives Biggs a stunner, and he flies off the top rope. Kat Martini shocks everyone as the sixth contender. She tries to get Willie Mack to get out of the ring, but he grabs Martini, putting her in Piledriver, but she was saved by LuDark Shaitan. LuDark hits Mack, a punch to the groin, and takes him over the top rope where Martini pushes them both over, and becomes the new XPW Fite TV Champion.

The fifth match of the evening, Necro Butcher (with valet Jasmine St. Claire) and Terex brawl it out with some pencils and a fork in the mix. Referee, Monchichi stops the count that would have Terex beat Butcher, giving Necro the upper hand and winning by submission. Monchichi, a Mexican-American shuns the crowd in a tirade and turning MAGA. Jasmine St. Claire spray paints 'MAGA' on Terex's back.

Sage Sin Supreme and Sawyer Wreck put one hell - no pun intended-  of a show in a Pumpkin Patch Death Match. The women beat each other with scarecrows, light tubes, a flaming pumpkin by Wreck, who also suplexes Sage on glass mixed with candy corn. But nothing beats the moment when Sawyer does a cannonball on Supreme with a board of skewers that led to one of the skewers going into Sage's arm, which official Pat Hernandez had to pull the thing out with his teeth in order for Supreme to continue. In the end, Sage splashes green dust into Wreck's face and takes the win.

Rob Black comes out to tell the fans that with the current situation that the XPW Heavyweight Champion, Masada is in, he will have to be stripped of his title and hand it over to XPW legend, Vampiro, who comes to the ring praising Black for everything he has done for him. Masada cuts in, giving a middle finger to Rob Black and Vampiro, leading to a match that Masada wins. Vampiro isn't finished, and demands a rematch at XPW's Merry Christmas show December 10.

In the main event, the XPW Death Match Champion, Shlak gets the ultimate Dream Match against XPW's own 'Hardcore Homo' Angel. From the help of Kraq, a catfight between Misha Montana and Veronica Cane, Angel gives the audience the show they have been waiting to see. But it was Shlak that pushed Angel off a ladder into a table, grabbing the belt and retaining his title. 

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