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Extreme Invasion

November 12, XPW debuted in Newark, NJ for Extreme Invasion. 

Kyle Wylde and Ron Niemi covered all the insanity XPW presented in its first East Coast show.

In the pre-show, Hardcore, Krist Worthless, and Sean Lawhorn competed for an XPW contract. It was a bloody beginning that led to Krist Worthless win.

The PPV opened with Masada defending his Heavyweight Title against Willie Mack.  it was third times a charm for Willie Mack to get the belt, but Masada retains his title in the end.

Kit Osbourne defeated Colin Delaney in a singles match.

Jody Threat faced off against Mother Endless in a hardcore women's match. The two women showed their strength until the end with Jody Threat taking the win.

Ina triple threat body bag death match, The Soultaker, Sexxxy Eddy, and The Body went at in all sorts of ways and positions. Body took the long way down when Soultaker won the match and carried Body out in a body bag.

In her first title defense, Kat Martini and her 'surrogate', LuDark Shaitan had an open challenge which Sage Sin Supreme accepted. The ladies went at it in a 2 on 1 handicap deathmatch. Kat Martini took light tubes to the head a couple of times, and with the help of LuDark, she remained the XPW Television Champion.

The Necro Butcher aka MAGA Butcher went one-on-one with Bobby Beverly in a brawl deathmatch. With the help of Necro's Mega MAGA crew, the victory was all his defeating Bobby.

In a triple threat deathmatch, Green Phantom, WHACKS, and Lucky 13 went through it all to the point where WHACKS did one hell of a dive from the top balcony through a table meant for Green Phantom, whom defeated Lucky 13 and WHACKS.

In the final match of the night, Shlak defending his King of the Deathmatch title against Drake Younger in a 200 light tube deathmatch. Granted Deathmatch of the year, these two proved themselves to the bitter end as Shlak retained his title. 



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